Build and Scale
in the metaverse.

Saving months of development for web3-powered games and dApps with
open-source smart contracts, SDK, trustless APIs and a handy dashboard.

Trusted by serious blockchain companies

    • Meta Gates
    • Goons of Balatroon
    • Castle of Blackwater
    • World of Abyss
    • Chronous
    • Doshi
    • SwapStudio
    • Unicorn
    • Nippy

Everything you need in one place.

Deploy your self-owned contract with optimized gas, cross-marketplace royalty and ability to upgrade them later (staking, renting, governance, etc.)

Why you should choose Flair for your next project?

Flair covers most prevalent use-cases for NFT and Web3 projects from crypto games and e-commerce to web3-powered communities and dapps. Never build the things that are already built. But wait, there is more...

  • Developer-friendly

    We provide open-source smart contracts, frontend SDK, trustless APIs, and a handy dashboard. Fully composable & customisable.

    Your contract, your code, in your ownership.

  • End-to-end integration

    Flair aims for an end-2-end set of features, so you don't have to jump across multiple providers and get everything you need in one place.

    Deal with fewer number of platforms.

  • No vendor-lock

    Architecture of Flair respects ethos of decentralisation, so your business is not tied to Flair.

    You can continue w/o Flair (but you'll miss us)

Built for Developers.

You have full control over every detail as a developer, from smart contract code to frontend components and customize for your own site and style.

Simple SDK

Easily integrate into your dapp, game, frontend, backend, mobile, etc.

Examples in Github

Example usage of Flair SDK in various frameworks and languages.

Smart Contracts

Get full visibility into the contracts you are deploying via Flair.


Import your contracts and interact with easy-to-use interface.

import {
// ...
} from "@flair-sdk/react";
const App = () => {
const [mintCount, setMintCount] = useState("1");
return (
<TieredSalesProvider chainId={1} contractAddress="0x..">
<!-- Show price, total supply and sale status -->
<TieredSalesPrice />{' '}<ERC721TotalSupply />
<TieredSalesStatus />
<!-- Show allowlist status -->
<TieredSalesAllowlistStatus />
<!-- Ask user how many to mint? -->
<!-- Mint Button (preceded by Connect and Switch Chain) -->
<SwitchChainButton requiredChainId={1}>
<TieredSalesMintButton mintCount={mintCount} />

Loved by Builders.

    • Working with Flair has been great! From our first meeting, Aram and Kasra have been nothing but helpful, supportive and problem-solving. With Flair, Castle of Blackwater was able to deliver a state-of-the-art NFT staking protocol for our community. We look forward to our future collaboration.

    • Working with Flair has been such a great experience. We've had hands-on support from day 1 and Kasra and Aram have acted as advisors to us on more than one occasion. They are genuinely invested in our success. One of the best technology partners we have had the pleasure of working with!

    • By using Flair platform, we were able to get a turnkey MVP in one digital meeting. The tech and tools available on their platform is truly unparalleled for game developers and Web 2 accessibility. The flair team is god-tier. We just saved months of development and headache, thank you!

Build Multi-Chain

Automatic support for any EVM chain in your wallet

























Smart Contracts


Deploy your own contract and upgrade them later (staking, renting, governance, etc.)

  • You have full ownership of contracts

  • Open-source and no vendor lock-in

  • Save on gas fees with optimizations

  • Upgrade your contracts trustlessly (renting, staking, governance, etc.)

Advanced Tiered Sales

1% / paid mint

Sell Tokens/NFTs with multiple prices/allowlists, per-wallet allocation.

  • Have multiple tier prices (free/paid)

  • Set different minting timelines

  • Apply different allowlists to tiers

  • Get minting page or SDK and customisable components

Wallet Hub

$0.05 / monthly active wallet

On-board your users easily via major wallets, email, social profiles.

  • First 2,000 wallets are free

  • Integrate with few lines of code

  • Aggregation of all major wallet SDKs

  • Connect via email or social profiles

  • Get on-ramp (fiat/tokens) and gas sponsorship out of the box

Trustless APIs

$0.1 + gas / tx

Read and write to blockchain with trustless APIs (Relayer and Indexer APIs)

  • We manage gas price, gas limit, nonce

  • Write to blockchain trustlessly

  • Sponsor gas for user interactions

  • Read from your own contracts without delay